Iyde Perfumery

Our company is differentiated by the fact that we are as attentive as possible to consumer needs and offer a quality product in the appropriate manner.

The company “İydə Parfumery" began its activities in Baku, Azerbaijan Republic on February 28, 2017. For over 3 years, the company has been supplying perfumes of world-famous brands. Perfumery operates in collaboration with more than 150 brands and has in its collection 700 va-rieties of perfumes that place the business at the forefront. Over the years, we have established 11 branches that work actively at various points in Baku city.

Our mission

The main goal of the «İydə» Perfume House is to make luxury perfumes affordable to everybody so that everyone can select the fragrance according to their own taste and budget.

A look into the future

We would also like to share with you the future plans of the company. We intend to increase productivity and the number of branches, in order to increase the use of high-quality perfumes in our country. Since people have to pay special attention and take care of their aroma. We fill the bottles with feelings, and you use them.


Taking care of you and your health, we have created high-quality aromas that meet international standards. The best value for your wallet would also be our goods, which combine health care and a wonderful aroma.