Before you buy new perfumes you may have a number of questions. The answers to our customers' frequently asked questions we have collected in one ruble.

How can I make an order?

+994 50 820 55 55 in whatsapp, in the direct  of instagram (page), or by message on facebook.

What are the terms of free delivery?

When ordering above 30 manat, delivery is free to anywhere in Baku.

What are the delivery addresses?

Delivery in the city is carried out by courier, in the regions - by mail, abroad - kargo.

What is the persistence of aromas?

The composition of the aroma depends on the size of the bottle (30ml, 50ml, 100 ml), in which 50% are pure raw materials, 50% are cosmetic fragrances.

What are the storage conditions for the fragrance?

Fragrances should be stored in a cool, dry place.

Which countries produce the İydə product range?

Our perfumes are made in France and Switzerland.

Is it possible to pay online?

Yes it is possible. You can pay for your order online or through a POS terminal.